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2 Responses to “Greetings”

  1. Muise Says:

    My top 10 essential films. The first goal of composing this list was to choose films that would cover a wide field of themes and ideas. Secondly, to give someone who has never seen a film the bare necessities of viewership. So there will be little over lapping, ie few war films, sci-fi, drama.

    1) Citizen Kane~the essence of modern filming making, period.
    2) Inception~and coming full circle from Kane, where the proper movie experience shall be judged against for years to come. Why not Avatar? Ya made 1.5 BILLION more but people still talk about Inception like the birth of there first child. ‘It was fantastic, I’m not what happened, and nothing will replicate the first time’. Avatar will be copied over and over again.
    3) Apocalypse Now~the best war movie that’s not even really a war movie. I think Coppola needed a back drop to dive into the soul of man, and war, especially Vietnam, was the perfect choice.
    4) Alien~a strong women who was not butch, or a bitch, and ruled the screen. Not even the scariest creatures ever made took away from Weaver
    5) WALL E~barely a word spoken and so riveting
    6) Dr. Strangelove~over Kubrick’s other films cause of Peter Sellers George C. Scott and a film that should be so serious was so dam funny
    7) Godfather~Coppola said he wanted to this to be a family movie and nothing else brings you so deep into the complexities of characters. Maybe the best cast ever.
    8) There Will Be Blood~quite simply for the performance of Daniel Day Lewis. No singular character has left me asking for more. Some say it was over the top, but no one else could have done it. He borderlines genius and insane.
    9) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon~the amalgamation of Hong Kong cinema. Utterly beautiful, dark, soft and gut wrenching. It is so hard to pull off a movie that moves through so many emotions using color and physical movement. Shot so well it seemed plausible.
    10) Bowling for Columbine~ personal favorite of mine because a chunk of it was shot in windsor and friends of mine are in it. Although I’m on the other political spectrum of Micheal Moore, this is the only film where he keeps the ‘preachiness’ of his other films to a minimum (that includes the film Roger & Me) and, at the time, shined a light on a subject often looked over.

    That’s the list. I think it has a good mix of present and past films. I guess you could consider most of these films to be on the mainstream side, but the highlight a wide spectrum and would give the rookie film watcher an idea on what cinema is all about.

  2. larsaumueller Says:

    Very good list, Cliff, and very well-thought out comments on each film too. Some of these films are so good that I’m surprised we’d never really discussed them in person before, such as Wall-E and There Will Be Blood, whose director is my favourite director of all time. A little surprised you put WALL-E, as good as it is, in over 2001, which had such a clear influence on the Pixar film and which you’d seemed to be such a huge fan of. Have you seen “Sicko,” which isn’t quite as good as “Columbine” but also tamps down the preachiness? Love your pick of “crouching tiger…,” a sublime film if there ever was one.

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