The best film I’ve ever seen

Hello folks, it’s been a long time since I published anything so I want to post something pretty short that I’m nevertheless proud of. As a big movie buff, from time to time I’m asked what my favourite film of all-time is, and in response I wrote a short essay about Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia.  The most important reason that it’s my favourite film is that it had the biggest impact of any film I’ve seen on who I am as a person and film buff, but explaining that impact in the depth it deserves is a long and complex process. Thus, I challenged myself to write about Magnolia in 100 words or less, and this is the result.

Magnolia: One Hundred words on its importance to me, and why others should watch it

“Magnolia” taught me that there is no greater pain than having unresolved issues with family, and that confronting kin after they’ve hurt you is a very difficult, but transformative and necessary, process. That such a touching, wise and extremely compassionate movie rivets the attention for three hours is a testament to how wildly entertaining it is. The acting is top-notch (Tom Cruise has never been better) and there are both a musical interlude and an unforgettably Biblical ending; quite simply, “Magnolia” is the very best film I have ever seen.



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